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Project Masaba

Masaba Coffee grows out of a Swiss project in Uganda, where more than 7,000 farmers are provided with the know-how to produce a coffee of excellence. Through the fragrances of a cup of coffee, we offer our clients a taste of Africa, among primordial lakes and volcanoes at the source of the river Nile
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Mount Elgon Uganda

This is where Masaba coffee grows. With its vulcanic soil and a 4'321 m peak, it unites all the conditions for the cultivation of a great coffee.


On the slopes of Mount Elgon, it was created to allow agronomists to select the best seedlings and share their knowledge with farmers.


On their plots of land, farmers don't only grow coffee, but also other plants, such as banana and cassava. These provide precious shade and nutrients for the coffee plant, as well as an extra income for the farmers during the months when coffee is not harvested.

Red Cherries

When the cherries turn from green to red, they are perfectly ripe and ready to be hand-picked.

Washing Stations

This is the heart of the project. Six washing stations - reduced to ruins after the dictatorship - were restored and put back to use. Here farmers bring their cherries to be pulped and washed. The quality check and uniform treatment guarantees premium quality. This translates into a higher and more secure incomes for ther farmers.

Drying Beds

Here the coffee is left to dry. Once humidity levels decrease, it is transported down to the city of Mbale.

Mbale Factory

This is where the coffee is cleaned and sorted, based on size, shape, colour and weight.


Thanks to the investment in a roasting machine, a local team can roast, package and directly supply the Ugandan market with Mount Elgon Arabica coffee (previously the coffee was roasted abroad and then imported back to Uganda).


Jean-Claude, born in South-Africa, always aspired to work with Africa.  After a trip to Uganda in 2010, he saw the possibility to develop Masaba Coffee in Switzerland. A wonderful team joined him to transform this vision into a sustainable business.

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Masaba Coffee grows out of a Swiss project in Uganda, to help farmers grow premium coffee.



Delivery on the next working day (for all orders received before 11:00 am).



For all orders above 77.00 CHF, delivery is free of charge.



Masaba Coffee customers receive a personalised technical service for coffee machine maintenance.